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Joshua Parker

Joshua Parker was born Nov 15, 1776 in Virginia to Samuel Parker and Mary Cooley. He died "Sunday" Dec 31, 1826. He moved with his family from Virginia to Kentucky. May 14, 1800 in the Jefferson County Regiment. He was Ensign in the 1st Regiment in The "Corn Stalk" Militia of Kentucky. He married Mary Patterson on Aug 7, 1800 in Shelby County, Kentucky. Mary Patterson was born Mar 8, 1782 to James Patterson, mother unknown. She died Wednesday, Nov 2, 1836 in Humphreys County, Tennessee. Joshua, Mary, and James M. moved with Joshua and Mary's parents to Tennessee abt 1802. He is buried in the Parker Cemetery in Humphreys County, located on Howard Bell's farm on Hall's Creek in a grove of trees behind the house.
Joshua and Mary had 7 children:
1 James M Parker born Oct 1, 1801 in Shelby County, Kentucky. He died Jun 12, 1859 in Pleasant Valley, Dallas, Texas and was buried on his farm there. Abt 1820 he married Anna Carnell. His occupation was a Methodist Preacher. In 1850, his property value was $1000 in Humphreys County. In 1852, he moved his family to Pleasant Valley, Texas.
Anna was born Jul 27,1798 in North Carolina, to Hubbard Carnell (1761 - 1845) and Elizabeth Dixon (1780 - 1860). Anna died in 1871 in Dallas, Dallas, Texas. James and Anna had 13 children:
Pamela Hubbard Parker born abt 1821 in Humphreys County, Tennessee. Death unknown. She married Robert R Dunlap(1819 - ) and they had 2 children.
John born 1842
Dana M born 1844

Warren Dixon Parker born Jul 11, 1822 in Humphreys County and died Nov 5, 1854. Wife unknown. In 1850 he was a School Teacher and his Real Estate was valued at $200, in Humphreys County, Tennessee.

Marianne E Parker born Sep 20, 1823. Death unknown. Marianne married Thomas H Latimer (1812 - 1894) abt 1843. They had 10 children.
Rufus M Latimer born 1844
James M born 1846
William Perry born 1848
John W born 1850
Thomas Newton born 1852
Anna L born 1855
Robert A born 1857
Mary J born 1860
Clarrey E born 1862
Sidney Carlton born 1866

E Martha Parker born abt 1826 in Humphreys County. Death unknown. She married E M Warren and they had 3 children.
John born 1844
Rufus born 1847
Amanda born 1849

William Clark Parker born abt 1827 in Humphreys County. Death unknown. William married Margaret J (maiden name unknown) in 1851 in Humphreys County, Tennessee. William and Margaret had 4 children.
James F born 1852
David L born 1856
William B born 1862
Mary E born 1866

James M Parker Jr. born abt 1828. Death unknown. Wife's name unknown and she died abt 1850. They had a daughter Katharine born 1836.

Amanda Lena "Leona" Parker born Nov 14, 1829 in Humphreys County. Died Nov 22, 1907 in Texas. She married Jason M Dunlap (1829 - 1886) May 15, 1851 in Collin County, Texas. Jason and Leona had 6 children.
Missouri Ann born 1852
Warren D born 1854
Robert L born 1856 - 1926
Mary Ann born 1858 - 1902
Udora born 1860
Jason P born 1871

Oliver M Parker born Oct 19, 1831 in Humphreys County. Died Jan 11, 1882 in Bairdstown, Lamar, Texas. He married Mary V Whitfield (1841 - 1882). Children unknown.

Malvina Dixon Parker born Dec 7 1833 in Humphreys County. Died Dec 28 1862 in Searcy, White, Arkansas. She married Lewis Comer Smith on Jul 24, 1852 in Humphreys County. They had 6 children.
Amanda Victoria born 1853 - 1941
Eudora Caroline born 1854 - 1938
John Daniel born 1856 - 1935
James Lawrence born 1858 - 1943
William Samuel born 1860 - 1868
Benjamin Lewis born 1862 - 1952

Freedonia M Parker born abt 1836 in Humphreys County. Died before 1859. She marreid James Ervin Smith(1834 - 1905) They had one son James Brison Smith (1855 - 1945).

Francis Jane Parker born Aug 11, 1837 in Humphreys County. She died Jul 1, 1884 in Collin County, Texas. She is buried in Race Catlett Cemetery in Texas.
She married Evan W Bolton Mar 11, 1856 in Tennessee. Francis and Evan had 11 children.

Pamelia A born 1857
James Wesley born 1859 - 1892
William Henry born 1860 - 1936
Amanda Jane born 1862 - 1938
Malana T born 1865
Mary L born 1867
Sarah E born 1869
Hettie B born 1871
Lucy A born 1873
Margaret P born 1875
Benjamin L born 1877

Anna Augusta Parker was born abt 1839 in Humphreys County. Death unknown. She married W P Armstrong. Children unknown.

Pystil M Parker was born abt 1841 in Humphreys County. He died Nov 1858, in Tennessee at the age of 17.
2 Uriah F Parker 1806 - 1852
3 William S Parker born Oct 12, 1807 in Dismal Creek, DeKalb, Tennessee. He died "Friday" Aug 16, 1878 in Garland, Miller, Arkansas. He was buried on his farm there. He married Josephine D Rudolph (1820 - 1857) Nov 23, 1827 in Waverly, Humphreys, Tennessee. William's occupation was Blacksmith. They lived in Honey Grove, Fannin, Texas in 1860. William and Josephine had 4 children one of which died and the name and gender is unknown.

John R was born Sep 10, 1838 in Waverly, Humphreys, Tennessee. Death unknown and wife unknown.

Robert born 1842 in Waverly. Death unknown and wife unknown.

Warren D born 1846 in Waverly. Death and wife unknown.

After the passing of Josephine, William married Mary Ann Griffitt (1825 - ). They had 2 children.

Rayburn A "Gus" born Nov 12, 1860 in Texas. Died in Boswell, Oklahoma date unknown. He married Cordie Bell Trout(1876 - ) Oct 24, 1894 in Oklahoma. They had 9 children.
Cyrus born 1895
Sacratus born 1896
Alfred Lee born 1897
Virney Mae born 1898
Homer Franklin born 1905
Emrie Pauline born 1906
Conor Atwell born 1907 - 1991
Rosabell born 1910
Naoma Adele born 1913

Mary D was born 1864 in Boswell, Oklahoma. Death unknown. Husband unknown.
4 John W Parker was born Dec 24, 1809 in Tennessee. He died March 9, 1862 in Collin County, Texas. In 1850 he founded the first General Store in the Murphy area in Humphreys County. His first wife was, first name unknown last name Walker (1816 - 1850). They had 6 children:
William C born abt 1836 in Mississippi. Death and wife unknown.

John W born abt 1838. Death and wife unknown.

Sarah born abt 1840 in Mississippi. Death and husband unknown.

James I born abt 1842 in Mississippi. Death and wife unknown.

Eliza A was born abt 1844 in Mississippi. Death and husband unknown.

Samuel Joshua was born Feb 16, 1845 in Yalobusha, Mississippi. He died Dec 30, 1940 in Collin County, Texas. He married Sarah Margaret Wilson (1855 - 1922) Mar 27,1873 in Weston, Collin, Texas. Samuel and Sarah had 7 children.
Thomas W born 1870. Death unknown
Mary Gertrude born 1874 - 1947
Minnie Ola born 1876 - 1881
John A S born 1877 - 1881
William F born 1880
Laura Alice born 1882 - 1912
Tulley Eugene born 1883 - 1928

After his first wife's death, John married Mary Eloise who was born abt 1827 in Tennessee. She died abt 1862 in Texas. John and Mary had 3 children:
Lucy Ann M Parker was born abt 1852 in Mississippi. Death and husband unknown.

Mary E was born abt 1856 in Texas. Death and husband unknown.

Buch Annan was born abt 1858 in Texas. Death and wife unknown.

5 Clark Melton Parker was born Jul 25, 1815 in Stewart, Houston, Tennessee. He died Jul 15, 1898. He was a Farmer in Humphreys County, Tennessee. He married Helena Briggance birth and death dates unknown. She died between 1843 and 1847. They had 5 children:
Carolina Aslesa was born abt 1836 in Tennessee. She died abt 1867 in Tennessee. She married Joshua J Knight who was born abt 1827 in Tennessee to Wade Hampton Knight (1798 - 1866) and Elizabeth Knight (Knight was also her maiden name) (1798 - 1867). Joshua died abt 1857 in Tennessee. Joshua and Carolina had 2 children.
Rufus Tinsley born 1855 - 1905
Fernando Joshua born 1857

Margaret was born abt 1840. Death and husband unknown.

Mary H was born abt 1841 in Mississippi and died Oct 11, 1908 in Tennessee. She married James R B Forrest (birth and death unknown). They had 1 child.
Mary Ann born 1868 - 1944.

Twin sons
Clark Moulton born Feb 15, 1843, in Tennessee. Death and wife unknown
Clark Sidney, who died Nov 23, 1921 in Tennessee. He is buried in the Bascom Parker Cemetery in Humphreys County, Tennessee.

Clark Sidney Parker in 1864

1861 - 1865 he was a Private with the 24th Battalion, Tennessee Sharpshooters CSA, in the Confederate Army.

Clark Sidney's first wife was Mary Kizar Carter. She was born Dec 11, 1846 in Tennessee. She died Dec 21, 1907 and is buried in the Bascom Parker Cemetery. They had 4 children:
James Dillard born Oct 5, 1870. He died Jan 24, 1949 in Waverly, Humphreys, Tennessee at the home of Charlie Parker after an extended illness. The services were held in the Bascom Parker Church. He was buried in the Bascom Parker Cemetery on the 28th.

He married Van Dora "Dona" Bell. She was born Jun 8, 1878 in Houston County, Tennessee.
She died May 18, 1952 and is buried beside her husband in the Bascom Parker Cemetery.

Dona's parents were Benjamin Bell (1846 - 1922) and Celia Taylor Stavely (1853 - 1928)

James and Dona had 7 children:

Minnie Irene Parker born 1898 - 1996. She married Floyd Chambers (1900 - 1964)

Mable Pauline Parker 1902 - 1970. She married Thomas Johnson.

James Talmage Parker 1904 - 1905.

Twin girls:

Effie May Parker 1907 - 1936. She married Mack Sloan.

Elsie Ray Parker death unknown. She married Thomas L Smith.

Mary Martin Parker born 1912. Death unknown. She married George Clinton Hatcher (1897 - 1989)

Geneva Fay Parker born 1919. Death and husband unknown.

Minnie and Mable

Effie May and Elsie Ray


Charles S "Charlie" Parker was born abt 1877 in Tennessee. Death unknown.

He married Lela M Holmes. She was born abt 1884 in Tennessee. Death unknown.

Charlie and Lela had one child Ruffus C born 1911 -

Lee Robert Parker was born Nov 14, 1880 in Tennessee. He died Dec 19, 1965. He married Mary Margaret Weaks. Mary was born Aug 15, 1872 in Tennessee. She died Mar 10, 1940. They had a daughter, Louise 1912 - 1998.

Bertha E Parker was born abt 1886. Death unknown. She married John Calvin Bishop. He was born abt 1883. Death unknown. They had 7 children:

William Leon 1908 - 1983

John Watson 1910 - 1912

Ollie Lewis 1911 - 1989

Doyle W 1913 -

Norman B 1916 -

Benjamin E 1918 -

Lottie M 1920 -

After the passing of Helena, Clark Melton Parker married Matilda Jane Summers. She was born Sep 17, 1823 in Stewart County, Tennessee to Green Berry Summers (1797 - 1846) and Rebecca Francis Wilson (1793 - 1835). Clark and Matilda had 8 children:

Missouri Parker was born May 1848 in Humphreys County. Death and husband unknown.

James S Parker born Mar 1850 in Humphreys County. Died before 1860.

Rebecca Eudora Parker born abt 1853 in Humphreys County. Death unknown. She married R B Madden. He was born Mar 8, 1854 in Hall's Creek, Humphreys County. He died Sep 18, 1890. Children unknown.

Henry "Bascom" Parker born Jun 20, 1854 in Humphreys County. He died Dec 15, 1934 and was buried in the Bascom Parker Cemetery. Bascom Church and Bascom Parker Cemetery were named after him. He married Cardora Miranda "Dova" Madden abt 1878 in Tennessee. She was born Feb 7, 1855 in Indiana to Morgan (1812 - )and Isabella (1817 - ) Madden. She died Jan 4, 1935 in Humphreys County. Bascom and Dova had 3 children:

Sidney Boyd "Dock" 1878 - 1950

Wilson L 1880 - 1930

Lora A 1886 - 1970

Lawrence Cashwell Parker was born Jan 15, 1858 and died Nov 22, 1919.

Felix S Parker born abt 1860. Death unknown.

Amanda Parker born abt 1862. Death unknown.

Emily E Parker born abt 1864. Death unknown.


6 Sarah G "Sallie" Parker was born Mar 8, 1821 Humphreys County. She died Apr 26, 1870 in Paducah County, Kentucky. She married James McMurtry. He was born Dec 27, 1814 in Tennessee to Thomas B McMurtry (1791 - ) and Jane (1795 - ) maiden name unknown. They had 2 children: Mary( - ) and Felix(1845 - )

7 Dr Felix G Parker was born Oct 12, 1823 in Humphreys County. Death unknown. He married Elizabeth (maiden name and birth and death dates unknown) They had 3 children:

D Parker

J M Parker was born Jun 1, 1853 and died Jul 19, 1854 in Tennessee.

James DeWitt Parker born abt 1856 and died abt 1930 in Tennessee.

Uriah F Parker

Not much has been found on Uriah. He was born Feb 1, 1806 in Humphreys County, Tennessee, to Joshua Parker and Mary Patterson.
He married Nancy (maiden name unknown) in Humphreys County, Tennessee before 1829. They had 3 children that I know of:
John Leeman Parker born abt 1829 in Humphreys County, Tennessee. He died abt 1896 in Paris, Lamar, Texas.
Mary Ann Parker was born Dec 22, 1830 in Humphreys, Tennessee. She died Oct 10, 1896 in in Benton County, Tennessee.
Mary Ann married Joseph J Davidson who was born on Jan 8, 1819 in Tennessee to Abraham Davidson (1791 - 1860) and Kisiah Tidwell (1793 - 1850). Joseph died Jun 1, 1898 in Benton County, Tennessee.
Mary Ann and Joseph had 8 children, all were born in Benton County, Tennessee.
Benjamin Franklin born Jul 19, 1853 and died Mar 1, 1937
America A born abt 1858, death unknown.
Kissah born Jan 16, 1859 and died Jun 21, 1918 in Benton County, Tennessee.
James H born May 16, 1861 and died Aug 19, 1862 in Benton County, Tennessee.
Margaret Ellen born abt 1864, death unknown.
George Washington born Aug 11, 1867 and died Dec 13, 1940.
George's twin brother, Thomas Jefferson Died Feb 26, 1887 at the age of 19.
Martha E born Dec 16, 1868, death unknown.

Uriah and Nancy's 3rd child was William born abt 1834 in Humphreys County, Tennessee.

Sep 16, 1850 in Humphreys County, Tennessee Uriah's property value was $600. Occupation - Farmer. Between Sep 1850 and 1852 they moved to Madison County, Arkansas. In 1852 Uriah died at the age of 46.

John Leeman Parker and the Boatrights

John Leeman Parker was born abt 1829 in Humphreys County, Tennessee. About 1855, he moved along with some family and friends to War Eagle, Madison County, Arkansas. As a Farmer in 1870 his Real Estate Property value was $1000 and his Personnal Property value was $500. In 1874, the family moved to Paris, Lamar, Texas. He died abt 1896 in Paris, Lamar, Texas, and is buried beside his wife "Fannie" in McDonald Cemetery, Paris, Lamar, Texas. He was born to Uriah F Parker and Nancy (maiden name unknown).
He married Francis Melvinia Boatright who went by the name "Fannie". They were married abt 1855 in Arkansas.
Fannie was born abt 1837 in Tennessee to John Calvin Boatright, (who had dropped the w in Boatwright) and Sarah Morgan. Fannie died abt 1889 in Paris, Lamar, Texas.

John Calvin Boatright was born abt 1810 in Grainger County, Tennessee to William Boatwright (1784 - 1875) and Jemima Bowen ( 1792 - 1821). He died abt 1865 in Huntsville, Madison, Arkansas. In Arkansas his occupation was a Blacksmith. His total property value was $1500 in 1850. Sarah's birth is unknown and she died in 1843 in Arkansas.

John and Sarah had married Jan 16, 1832, in Grainger County, Tennessee. They had 4 children Emiline Emily, born abt 1836, then came Francis Melvinia. Henry Preston Boatright was born abt 1840 in Arkansas and died Oct 29, 1900 in Huntsville, Madison, Arkansas. Lucinda C. was born abt 1842 in Arkansas.

After Sarah passed, John married Eliza A Woolen abt 1846 in Arkansas. Eliza was born Oct 13 1825, in Tennessee to John S Woollen, (1798 - 1835) (who used 2 l's in his name) and Margaret Perryman, (1805 - 1880). Eliza died Nov 25, 1912 in Huntsville, Madison, Arkansas.
John and Eliza had 10 children, all were born in Huntsville, Madison, Arkansas.
Hugh C Boatright born Nov 7, 1847 and died Feb 23, 1931, in Aurora, Madison, Arkansas.
Martha Ann was born Jun 28, 1849 and died May 7, 1928 in Huntsville, Madison, Arkansas.
Margaret J was born abt 1852, death unknown.
Susan J was born abt 1854, death unknown.
William was born abt 1856, death unknown.
Sophronia E was born Oct 7, 1858, death unknown.
Twin girls, Lucretia and Luvenia F. were born Dec 1861.
Laura C was born Jul 1862 and died 1952.
The last child born was John L abt 1865.

James Butler Parker

Not much is known about James Butler. He, also, went by the name Jack. He was born to John Leeman Parker and Francis Melvinia "Fannie" Boatright, abt 1875, in Lamar, Paris, Texas.

There were seven children.
Mary J Parker, who was born abt 1857 in Madison County, Arkansas. Death date unknown. She married James Chapman, who was born Apr 1858 in Madison County, Arkansas. They had 5 children, Henry C, born Dec. 1878, James S. born May 1884, Jesse J. born Aug 1890, William W. born Dec 1893, and Mary R. born Jan 1895, all were born in Arkansas.

William H. Parker was born Jan. 1861, in Madison County, Arkansas. He married Eliza E. (maiden name unknown) She was born Jun 1875, in Texas. They had 3 boys. Jesse R. born Mar 1890, Henry H. born Nov. 1891, and Clifton D. born Oct. 1897. All were born in Texas.

Lorena Lucinda Parker was born Nov 19, 1863. She died Sep 13, 1918 in Lamar, Paris, Texas. She is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar, Texas.
She had married James Robert Scott, who was born abt 1862 and died abt 1946. I only know of one child, Patrick Humphrey Scott born in Texas.

James M. Parker was born abt 1866, in Lamar County, Texas. He died abt 1914.

Eliza J. Parker was born abt 1868, in Texas. She married William Traylor.

James Butler Parker was next, born abt 1875, in Paris, Lamar, Texas. He married Minnie L. Allen abt 1901 in Texas.
Minnie was born Nov. 1884 to William W. Allen, who was born May 14, 1852, in Louisiana and Margaret S. "Maggie" Chapman, who was born Sep. 16, 1858, in St. Helena Parish, Feliciana, Louisiana. She died Jun 23, 1934 in Lamar County, Texas.
Minnie died Feb 14, 1930, in Lamar County, Texas.
William W was born to William Day Allen (1818 - 1858) and Lydia M Dillion (1823 - 1880). He died Aug 29, 1895 and is buried in the McDonald Cemetery, Paris, Lamar, Texas.

Lee Ann Parker was the last, born Mar 5, 1878 in Biardstown, Lamar, Texas. She died Nov 19, 1947 in Pampa, Gray, Texas. She married Walter Benton Golden, who was born in the county of Talladega, Alabama, on Apr 26, 1876 and died Jan 31, 1934, in Chillicothe, Hardeman, Texas.
They had 2 children, Ebert C born abt 1917 and Martha L born abt 1919.

Jack Leeman Parker

Jack was born in Cooper City, Delta County, Texas to James Butler Parker and Minnie L Allen.

There were 5 children born, however, the first born in 1904 died in 1904 and the name and gender are unknown.

Hirshel T was the oldest living, born 1906 in Cooper, Delta, Texas.

Jack was next and was named Leeman Butler Parker but chose to change his name later. He died an untimely death. He was kidnapped and murdered by the Union abt 1950 in Oklahoma. He was my Grandfather.
He married Opal Fern Washburn in Oklahoma. Opal was born abt 1916 in Weleetka, Ofuskee, Oklahoma to William W "Willie" Washburn, (born Mar 1889 in Kansas), and Lena (maiden name unknown), (born Feb 3, 1896, in Missouri and died Jun 1981)
The only child of Jack and Opal was, my father, Charles Leaman Parker, who is still living.
The other siblings of Jack were:

Evelyn Altha Parker whose nickname was "Sis" was born Mar 29, 1910 in Paris, Lamar, Texas.
She died Feb 27, 1977, in Dallas, Dallas, Texas, at the age of 71.
Evelyn had married Wallace Clifford Folds who was born abt 1911 in Clearwater, Pinellas, Florida and he died at the young age of 48 on Apr 11, 1959 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas.
She then married John Kelly Johnson who was born Mar 17, 1908 in Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas. He died Dec 10, 1962 in Carmi, White, Illinois.
I only know of two children from that marriage. One, who is still living, and a son, Donald Johnson, who was born Aug 15, 1927 in Illinois and died Apr 8, 1981 in Bowie County, Texas.

The last was Avery Allen Parker. His nickname was "Boots". He was born abt 1914 in Texas. Death date is unknown. He died at a young age, also by the hands of the Union, who hung him from a street sign.

William W and Lena had 6 children.
Opal was the oldest and died 1976 in Oklahoma from cancer.
William "Billy" born abt 1918, in Oklahoma. Death unknown.
Byron was born abt 1920 in Oklahoma.
Glenn was born abt 1922 in Oklahoma.
Jacqueline "Jackie" was born Aug 31, 1924 and died Sep 18, 2000, Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma.
Genevie was born abt 1926 in Oklahoma.

Willie's father was Henry Washburn born abt 1859 and died abt 1891 at a young age, in Cumberland, Fayette, Illinois. He was a school teacher in 1880, in Bear Grove , Fayette, Illinois. marrying Carey (maiden name unknown) Willie's mother, (between 1880 and 1889) they married in Gove, Pratt, Kansas. There were 2 children Willie, and a sister Bessie Ann born Dec 1890 in Pratt, Kansas. She died abt 1937 in Pratt, Kansas.
After Henry died, Carey married Augustus Schultz in 1892 in Kansas.